6 Oct 99

remnents of you calling
your shirt more mine now
even I forget which
part of my head is missing
a voice doesn't follow mine
for the rest of the story
I only wanted to
make you see me
and now you do
not like I wanted to


the way you talk
the sky turns blue

hand that opens and closes
beating heart only too slowly
stain pours out pooling
at your feet droning
it's just for you
sings, dances too
hands opening and closing

without shoes walking
mouth of faith
measured in increments
volumes bound in leather
save it for later
my blue shadow brilliant red
hand for me to hold
weightless desire too heavy
enormity of sound passed barrier
only when I don't want it
it finds me here
hiding in my nightmare
to bring me free
no delight for you
you never stayed
now I don't want you
poisend the last chance for you

I can feel it coming
washing waves waking
preparations never help
its always that day
that they all go away
to busy to bother
figures when I ask for help
you've all gone away
unstoppable waves gone over my head
I'm in too deep not waving but drowning
why don't you hear me?
falible like everyone else
won't kill me just breaks another piece off
my heart

19 October 1999


my body is a temple
invaded from within
marred, defiled by your
unclean soul

my body is a temple
laid to waste by undeserving hands
somthing to be cherised
instead disregarded and trampled

my body is a temple
you won't come near again
washed, cleansed
my santuary again

my body is a temple
it houses my soul
this is where I live
here inside my skin