matches light candles for a thousand nights

match to light my gas oven (not for sleep)

simplicity satisfaction in the tiney tidy box of sticks to make fire

beter than stone or flint

dimestor lighter cheap plastic, not as nice as the square delicateness of wood

I was not loved so much as crushed
crushed even more when you were gone
crushed like a violet bloom
into madam's busom
at the moment of tender anticipation

Conflict of Opposites

difficulties intrigue
perfecting of the human condition
attainment of heart's desire
sense of wonder enchantment
fear trouble
tendancy towards drunkeness
unfaithfulness perverse use of ability
humiliation dishonor loss
illusion envy
yearning for fulfillment
unforseen perils the threatening situations
the quality of your involvement
well be the measure of your reward
superficial woman dominated by
negative emotions malice intolerance

The Star

inspiration good health
peaceful historys amoungst discard
division in emotional strife
counsel instruction sound advice
loss of inheritence
responsiblity hard worn
senses vulnerability
balance sense proportions of stability
streneous objection of self
bountiful outperforms merriment
fulfillment healing



copyright 1999 raven victoria erebus