Can you remember what you said standing
here in this dream with your eyes closed and your mouth shut?
Do you remember your nightmares, that seep like rain
through the walls of your mind, running in crooked paths?

Can you hear my silent screaming, from your path of unreality,
the broken destination that ran from you as you ran frantically
trying to keep pace with it, only to wake and find it gone,
can you?

Can you see me dancing here on the broken glass that was my soul,
here in this ragged night of wilting death, love has gone now with it's cherub's smile,
and rain falls in the endless night, the dark trees whipping in the dying wind,
a world of black and shades of grey, here where I lay,
I can no longer bear the brightness, and smiles as they run and dance in the sun,
too harsh it makes me weep when I see the pleasure in their faces knowing I have none,
can you?

Can you feel my cold touch, like the algid grasp of a corpse risen from its final rest,
waking to walk through the icy rain and find you there, still alone in
the empty night I call my home, feel my breath as it blows, a chilly breeze
in the closed darkened room where you lay unable to sleep, dreaming of darkness,
can you?

Can you taste my lips on yours, like expensive wine that has sat opened
while the lovers sleep undisturbed by strange dreams, happy and contended,
as the wine goes flat and bitter below in the empty abandoned room,
can you?

Can you touch me, with your unfeeling hands, my white flesh marble
in the moonlight that darkens as the night continues on, until what you thought was I,
has faded into a black empty shadow that was never there at all,
can you?

Can you care for me, your solid ideas that do not mesh with my painted dreams
dancing in darkness, I shift and change in the light, you do not know me at all,
you try and try to analyze, but you can not analyze my reality, for it is like velvet
when you touch it changes, it stays just out of view, you see it from the corner of your eye
as it moves away from you, haunting you, you think you know me but you only look at me,
can you?

Can you remember what time is reality in this strange dream people call real?
And yes I've heard myself break and fall onto the grating pavement.
I lay like shattered glass for years, broken, trodden, and ignored.
It's the danger of walking the edge, that stops us here in the black night.


copyright 1994 raven victoria erebus