lluminating darkness rose on the verge of what is and what is becoming loomed in glimpses just beyond the skyline. Lightning shook the sensibilities of vision. Desire became an object of question. Without fixed repetition streams of conscious became difficult to disscern. What time is space and what road does it follow. Once on the road nowhere becomes a reference point. Nowhere is always where you are and somewhere is the destination. What if nowhere and somewhere were switched? What if nothing became something and then nothing was desirable? Would the forces beyond the fields of nowhere and nothing become valuable? Fields of lightning and darkness staying just beyond vision, just beyond. Greeness of grass and the blue of the sky become nothing or even becoming the same nothing. When you have nothing do you in fact have something or is nothing reality that has slipped ascew and in fleeting glimpses makes itself known in fields of nowhere. If you can be nowhere then you are somewhere. Ambiguity makes you have meaning that isn't there or isn't it. If you have come to an end has it truely stopped exsisting or do pieces still continue?

from Notebooks copyright (c) 1994 Raven Victoria Erebus