Letter To My Body

In honor of Love Your Body Day 2008


I know we've had our differences. 

In fact I admit I've hated you for years.
You hurt me. All day every day for years. 
You were weak and tired and wouldn't do
what I needed you to do.
I know now it was a cry for help 
but I didn't know how to fix it. 
In fact I couldn't even understand
what you needed.

You were sick and hurt. 
You need rest and medicine.
But how was I to know?

the pain 
the fatigue 
the bleeding 
the cramping


It seemed senseless to me to me.
And my doctors told me it was 
all in my head.
in fact
it was real and there in us all the time. 

I hated the allergies
I couldn't feed you food 
we liked. 

Then again that is nothing new.
We did that before,
I didn't feed you.
I didn't want to exsist.

I'm sorry I doubted you.
You can understand 
my confusion, my conflict
You made me hurt.
You made me bleed.
I couldn't wake you up
and then I couldn't make you sleep.


But lets put that behind us.
And start again.
I want to be.

This year I'm learning to listen.
We're going to sleep when we're tired.
And when we hurt, we know what's wrong now.
We can and will fix it. 

I don't like our new weight, but 
I'm going to trust you to work that out.
We're now a lady who spas. 
And we will swim as much as you want.
And eat when we need to eat.

I hope we're no longer at odds.
I'm tired of the war.

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copyright 2008 raven victoria erebus, All Rights Reserved