Making Do In The Cage Of Flesh and Bone

It wasn't your weakness and pain
But the sudden change from
The promise of will do anything
To the inability too, suddenly changed
Suddenly trapped in your cage of flesh.

I am angry I must admit.
You lead me on.
Showed me freedom, joy of flight
Wind in my hair, sweat on skin
Exhaustion of exertion.

How many times have I told you
I like to move, travel, dance
But you refuse like a stubborn child
I can not control, sulking
Battering until there is pain and blood

For my part I would have suffocated you,
Or left you out in the ice to freeze
Gladly. Also your cries of ecstasy
Your yearning for skin and
Heated mating making me frantic and twitchy.
I can not trust you
If only I could float free
Independent of your cells, blood, bone
Weighing me down.
The vulgar senses, overwhelming,
A caged animal in heat, pacing.

But without flesh I fade away,
Nothing but memories in other flesh
and brains, I am tied.
In the end you will eventually fail and
Drag me all the way down with
You. Decayed food for the worms.
Like all bodies do.
I admit defeat. You retaliate when
I push too hard and leave me
Stranded in my bed for days.
Isolation. An uneasy truce, you take
More than I can give. I make do
With the little which is left to me.