29 Sept 97

"I'm not a good shot but I shoot often" -Teddy Roosevelt

-to cheryl

On a clear day
you can see for miles
squinting into the sun
I can no longer see
where you have been
is it the sun that blinds me
or something deeper
perhaps you've simply
and what I thought was you is just a trick of shadow and light

4 Oct 97

Stillness not silent, breathing
inside winter reins
silent as black poison
plum's made bitter do not fool
the enchanting youth
who bites into

26 May 98

Where have you seen clear
pronounced a cure
he could return
washing away dreams
caught tight
staining the day
silence was the only answer


June 2 1998

All is silent here
quiet is somehow
the marker of time
noise, busy of activity
hides the time passing
it is only noticed
in still moments

copyright raven victoria erebus