The Third Surgery

12 January 2000

12 January
Surprisingly the final surgery went well. I only had one adhesion. Recovery wasn't too bad. I needed pain pills for a few days. Happily there isn't really much to say about it.

I returned to work on the 17th of January.

Recovery was slow I got an awful intestinal flu that was more painful than the surgeries had been. So I ended up missing more work. Then following that I just didn't seem to be healing. We decided I wasn't getting good sleep. So I tried taking Dalmane to help stay asleep. Since then I've been improving rapidly.

I started working out again on March 3rd, 2000. I'm working with physical trainer to help make sure I do excercise and that the excercise I'm getting is going to be in the best way to help.

I'm also seeing a sleep specialist to help fix the problem of not getting REM sleep which is vital to repair the body not just for healing but for repairing the body from everyday work.


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